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cordial adj
1 diffusing warmth and friendliness; "an affable smile"; "an amiable gathering"; "cordial relations"; "a cordial greeting"; "a genial host" [syn: affable, amiable, genial]
2 showing warm and heartfelt friendliness; "gave us a cordial reception"; "a hearty welcome" [syn: hearty]
3 sincerely or intensely felt; "a cordial regard for his visitor's comfort"; "a cordial abhorrence of waste"; "a fervent hope" [syn: fervent] n : strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal [syn: liqueur]

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Late Latin cordialis, from Latin cor heart; French cordial.


  1. Hearty; sincere; warm; affectionate.
    • 1885, George Washington Schuyler, Colonial New York: Philip Schuyler and His Family, C. Scribner's Sons
      The relations between the Earl of Bellomont and Colonel Schuyler were formal, but not cordial from the first.
  2. Tending to revive, cheer, or invigorate; giving strength or spirits.




  1. A candy (or bonbon) usually made of milk chocolate, filled with small fruits (often maraschino cherries) and syrup or fondant.
  2. A liqueur prepared using the infusion process.
    • 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, L. C. Page & Co.
      [Marilla] had put the bottle of raspberry cordial down in the cellar instead of in the closet [...].
  3. In the context of "UK|Australia": A concentrated noncarbonated soft drink which is diluted with water before drinking.

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  • /kɔʁ.djal/|lang=fr


  1. warm (something that causes warmth)

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Cordial may refer to:
  • Squash (drink), an extremely sweet non-alcoholic fruit flavoured drink concentrate that is diluted with water to taste. It is most popular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
    • Syrup may refer to a similar beverage in the United States.
  • Cordial (medicine), any invigorating and stimulating preparation; e.g. peppermint cordial
  • Liqueur is often used as a synonym for an "alcoholic cordial". (Subtle differences in usage between the two terms are covered in the article).
  • Cordial (candy), a type of candy, in which a fruit filling is placed within a chocolate shell
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Benedictine, Bohemian, Chartreuse, Danziger Goldwasser, Drambuie, Galliano, Irish Mist, Strega, Triple Sec, ablaze, affable, afire, agreeable, amiable, amicable, analeptic, ardent, blissful, boiling over, bonhomous, bracer, bracing, breathless, brisk, burning, casual, cheerful, cheering, compatible, complaisant, congenial, courteous, crisp, crispy, degage, delirious, desirable, drunk, dulcet, easy, easy-natured, easygoing, en rapport, energizing, enjoyable, enlivenment, enthusiastic, excited, exhilarating, exhilaration, exuberant, fair, fair and pleasant, familiar, febrile, felicific, felicitous, fervent, fervid, fevered, feverish, fiery, fine, flaming, flushed, folksy, framboise, free and easy, fresh, friendly, generous, genial, gentle, glowing, good, good-humored, good-natured, good-tempered, goodly, gracious, grateful, gratifying, green Chartreuse, harmonious, haymish, heart-warming, heartfelt, hearty, heated, homely, homey, honeyed, hospitable, hot, impassioned, informal, intense, intoxicated, invigorating, invigoration, irregular, keen, kindly, liberal, likable, liqueurs, lively, loose, maraschino, mellifluous, mellow, mild, natural, neighborly, nice, offhand, offhanded, on fire, open, openhearted, parfait amour, passionate, pear brandy, pick-me-up, plain, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, pleasure-giving, pleasureful, polite, pousse-cafe, rainbow cordial, reanimation, receptive, recreation, red-hot, refection, refreshful, refreshing, refreshment, regale, regalement, regaling, reinvigoration, relaxed, renewal, responsive, restorative, revival, revivescence, revivescency, revivification, rewarding, roborant, rousing, satisfying, simple, sincere, sloe gin, sociable, steaming, steamy, stimulating, stimulation, sweet, sweet-tempered, sympathetic, tender, tonic, unaffected, unassuming, unceremonious, unconstrained, unconventional, unofficial, unrestrained, unstudied, vigorous, vitamin shot, vivification, warm, warmhearted, welcome, welcoming, well-natured, wholehearted, zealous, zestful, zesty
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